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Pleasure Island Chamber of Commerce
Ford: It Never Gets Old
Fat Reduction and Contouring
Wilmington Dermatology Center 'Liposonix'
eHarmony: Alien Sightings
Bud Light: Cake Surprise
Wilmington Dermatology Center 'Lightsheer Duet'
The Tiny Blackwell Project
Wilmington Dermatology Center

Rendered Communications

Rendered CommunicationsRendered Communications is a pioneering video production company specializing in commercials, reality television, newsgathering, and corporate communication productions. From local to international clients, every brand at Rendered Communications receives the same creative passion and attention to detail! We work directly with our clients, their public relations firms, advertising agencies, and corporate marketing departments to realize projects of all sizes. Our team of award winning talented professionals is dedicated to making every commercial, television episode, live-event, or corporate communication spectacular. We are currently focused on producing lifestyle marketing content for clients in the entertainment, medical, tourism, wealth management, and legal fields. Our company’s mission is to ensure your ideas, creativity, and budget aligns to create a media unmatched in production value.

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Albert Hedgepeth III, Media Realizer

Albert HedgepethAlbert William Hedgepeth III is an energetic, limitless, outgoing, award winning, curious, and always in motion principal production focused "Team Member." His passion and focus is solidified with his wife, family, the brands/agencies/clients/stories he serves, surfing, learning to kite-board upwind, skydiving, boating, and traveling abroad to generate a more realistic/world-life realization. Albert's vision in life starts in the grounding that, “the family he works with, continues to provide stability for every brand touched.” Albert’s current life-focus is on building a Healthy, Mind, Body, and Spirit. Albert continues a lifestyle focused on family, friends, hard work, and always having a smile!

Albert has helped facilitate a variety of extremely profitable communications throughout his career. Most recently he is known for his work on feature films including: Loomis Fargo, Were The Millers, The Conjuring, The Hunger Games, The Strangers, and The Secret Life of Bees. Albert has also worked on a variety of episodic/reality television shows like Under the Dome, Fatal Attractions, Sleepy Hollow, 48HRs, Maury Povich, and Elimidate. Recently, Albert has focused on working with brands like Reeds Jewelers, Daniel Defense, Cooke Capital, Wilmington Dermatology Center, and Eharmony to generate award winning brand awareness and marketing content.

Albert accelerates at analyzing what is “Written” and “Realizing” it to 1s’ & 0s’. His extensive production experience provides a skill set quick enough to balance any budget and trick even the most experienced and detail oriented eye. Albert realized early on; experience, passion, strong communication skills, an open ear, and a collaborative approach offer the greatest “ROI” in life!

Albert studied film production and creative writing in his undergraduate and has earned his MBA with a marketing focus.

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The Sandboxes we’ve played in:

Pfizer E Network Universal Studios Fox Searchlight Pictures Wilmington Dermatology Warner Brothers Studios CBS Network
Speed Channel DIY Network Disney Discovery Animal Planet HGTV ABC Network
Lionsgate Films The CW Network The Golf Channel Columbia Tristar Pictures Military Channel Intrepid Pictures BCII
Inspire Productions Oxford Scientific Films Wilmington Design Company The History Channel Lighthouse Films Assignment Desk Cooke Capital
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Rendered Communications Map


WebmercialsWebmercials increase sales by combining marketing and technology tothank you for being a customer. A valuable way to showcase your products or services, your webmercial can teach customers how to use your products, give a visual tour, examine your services market separation, raise brand awareness, or just say thank you for being a customer. Click on a thumbnail below to view our Webmercials.

Cooke Capitol Expert Team
Cooke Capitol Personal Story
Kuzma Advanced Dentistry
Wilmington Design Company 'Santa'
Coastal Carolina Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
The Shuckin' Shack Oyster Bar
Southern Sign Company
Palm Tree Market & Tiki Bar
Paws Place

HD Webmercial Branding Package:

60-90 Second WEBmercial $2,950+

Production Process:

  • Decide the voice for your communication (Interviews, voice over, or combination)
  • Schedule 6hr on location shoot (2 Person ENG Crew (Camera & Sound))
  • Collect brand identity materials
  • Collect other needed media
  • Capture interviews, products and/or services, location establishment, and signage footage
  • 2 sets of “client” editorial/graphical revisions (Secured Online Preview)
  • Export final edit
  • Delivery

Webmercials increase sales by combining marketing and technology to advertise your products or services to an ever-growing connected audience. Our clients have found success utilizing this valuable tool as a way to showcase products, highlight service qualities, educate customers, give visual tours, or just to say thanks to their customers. Adding a WEBmercial to your site is by far the best way to engage a modern audience, increase sales, and convey the unique personality of your brand. Our team works with you through each stage of the production process to insure your team, agency, talent, and technicians are all in coordination when presenting the brand’s image.

Webmercial marketing provides a unique and innovative way to quickly and effectively communicate your message to a targeted audience. One-to-three-minute online video presentations require a small commitment on the part of the viewer but provide a powerful impact for the marketer. WEBmercials engage viewers emotionally - generating an instantaneous connection. Rendered Communications develops award-winning WEBmercials with a traceable ROI by combining interviews, high quality photographs, engaging animated text, dynamic graphics, music, and narration to achieve the highest emotional impact possible.

Commercial Applications:

  • Company Story WEBmercial
  • Company Process WEBmercial
  • Competitive Advantage WEBmercial
  • Customer Education WEBmercial
  • Product Education WEBmercial
  • Sales Training WEBmercial
  • Talent Recruitment WEBmercial
  • Company Messaging WEBmercial
  • New Product Marketing WEBmercial
  • New Service Marketing WEBmercial
  • Holiday Greetings WEBmercial

Non-Profit Applications:

  • Organizational History WEBmercial
  • Recruitment & Membership WEBmercial
  • Annual Giving Campaign WEBmercial
  • Capital Campaign WEBmercial
  • Recruitment & Membership WEBmercial
  • Event Promotion WEBmercial

Viewer Engagement Possibilities:

  • Embed on website
  • USB Flash Drives
  • Send via e-mail marketing campaigns or digital newsletter
  • PowerPoint presentation introduction
  • Loop in trade show booth at sales events
  • Fully integrated into sales booth or part of a larger interactive media presentation
  • Projection on buildings and other backgrounds for high visibility events


BroadcastWorking with business owners, advertising agencies, PR firms, independent brand managers, and investors is where we thrive. We take stick drawings on a napkin or professional storyboards and create impactful media. Rendered Communications generates the greatest ROI because we supply our clients with the best concepts, crew, technology, and bring projects in on time and on budget. Click on a thumbnail below to view our Broadcast work.

Daniel Defense
LightSheer Duet
Fat Reduction and Contouring
Wilmington Dermatology Center
Pleasure Island Chamber of Commerce
Wilmington Dermatology Center 'Liposonix'
Wilmington Dermatology Center 'Lightsheer Duet'
Bud Light: Cake Surprise
eHarmony: Alien Sightings
Ford: It Never Gets Old

Editors Package:

30 Second Spot $4,950+

Description: Want a professional branding piece with minimal upfront cost? Rendered Communications will develop a spot to fit your brand, services and products. We will assemble high-quality "lifestyle" imagery from our vast collection of stock footage and fuse them with high-impact music, narration and graphics. Rendered Communications will ensure your TV Commercial is ready for National Television!

Host Package:

30 Second = $5,950+

Description: Want that personal touch that only a live actor can bring to the table? Are you looking for a host-driven straightforward approach with 1 location? With over 10 years in the business, we have access to some of the greatest talent in the area and around the country. Picking the right host is integral to the correct representation of your company both on-air and in person. This is why we involve you, the client, in the casting process. We send endless options, entertain Skype casting sessions, and find the face, hands, feet, hips, body, and voice you feel fits your brand image. Your team will guide our veteran crew to realizing your vision.

Branding Package:

30 Second = $6,950+

Description: When you are ready to pull the strings and take your brand vision to the next level, this is where your team should start. Rendered Communications will work with you, your brand, product, service, account manager, marketing team, PR firm, current branding material, and put every ounce of creative energy we can wrangle to create a lasting voice-in-motion. Ready to elevate your brand and realize your vision? Drop us a note today or scan that napkin and let us help realize your next great idea, we are standing by to help.


CorporateRendered Communications creates interesting, engaging, educational, and memorable corporate communications. We have produced corporate videos for a range of international clients varying from 12-month long training video series to 30-second internal weekly messages directed toward educating clients and staff. Rendered Communications provides the capability to incorporate live action, previously collected media, distance streaming, 3D-animation, voiceovers, and motion-graphics to deliver intuitive, eye catching, and socially engaging communications. Click on a thumbnail below to view our Corporate work.

Cooke Capitol Process
Bill Clark Homes Trade Show Booth Video
Palm Breezes Penthouse St. John, USVI
Cooke Capital Live

Modern audiences have incorporated media into their daily lives. Creating a strong corporate video communication leaves nothing to the imagination; it protects communication channels, clearly and visually explains processes, saves money, teaches, engages, and protects your team’s investment. Rendered Communications generates corporate videos that consistently present, regardless of the number of viewers or times it is iterated, the same clear message.

Research confirms the majority of videos are being watched across a variety of online platforms. With a screen in almost every targets pocket, (iPhones, Tablets, iPads, iPods) we your corporate video is visible across every platform and easy access.

  • Live Event/Conference
  • Live Event Documentation and Distribution
  • Live Streaming
  • AV Support Crew
  • Projection (Interior/Exterior)


LiveRendered Communications has facilitated a variety of live events, concerts, reality television, magazine, and hard news programming. Our crews are dynamic, progressive, creative, fun, and affordable. Our clients benefit from access to the latest technology, talent pool, and crew expertise. We offer a variety of HD ENG and multi-camera fly package options to fit every artist, performance, venue, and production demand. Whether you’re capturing or projecting, Rendered Communications is ready to help facilitate your show.

Our systems can be set up in any venue very quickly and are fully customizable with a variety of available equipment to meet your projects requirements and budget. Rendered Communications is always searching for new artists to collaborate with, great ideas, great crew, and maintaining relationships with industry contacts and vendors. We know you are excited about your event; call us at 910.368.1831 or send us an email and lets get the ball rolling.

RU Faster Than a Redneck Elimidate Fatal Attractions Garage Mahal Maury
PBS Frontline Pinks All Aout Weapons 101 Darius Rucker 48Hours

Rendered CommunicationsVideo Assist, in the HD world, is the name for a complex system, consisting of monitors, recorders, video transmitters, video printers, color correction consoles, microphones, speakers, hard drives, jump drives, and miles of cable. Video assist is becoming a very important part of production as projects are shot out of continuity to accommodate actor scheduling, weather, and all the other crossroads that arise during principal photography. Rendered Communications offers a variety of equipment and crew options for video assist to meet the needs of any production.

Video assist is more complex now than ever before and directors are leaning on playback as a necessity for smooth principal photography and continuity during post-production. Our operators are providing DIT support, streaming live to mobile devices, editing rough cuts on-location, providing live FX and keying capability, setting up internet streams for producers at a distance, managing computer databases for dailies, setting up complex microwave systems for wireless video feeds over large distances, and bringing it all up and down the hill safely.

Save your company money, avoid continuity errors and costly reshoots, and make sure your crew is prepared. Call Rendered Communications today to discuss how we can help support your next project.

Download Full List of our Video Assist Equipment Here >

Live OnSet Stream W/ Sound

Turn any iOS device into a wireless on-set monitor with a very low latency. In addition to dual camera monitoring, the director’s device can communicate with the operator. Department heads and other key crew can pull screen-grabs directly to their device, speeding the company’s efficiency and accuracy. A total of 16 devices can be added at production’s discretion through a 1-time multistep security process.

Intuitive Playback

After each recording, QTAKE HD can automatically to playback making your shot review just a click away. The operator can also insert markers and chapters during recording and use multiple in/out points for series takes to speed up the playback process.

Dallies Integration/Distant Review

While recording original signals, QTAKE HD can simultaneously record processed frames to simultaneously create streamable dailies. Producers, Directors, and Editorial departments can review shots at a distance moments after they are captured. This saves money and time!

Camera Metadata Capture

Digital Cinema cameras embed additional information into SDI line’s signal. QTAKE HD can read this data and store it to improve project workflow. By reading camera media filename, QTAKE HD files can be used for conform-ready offline editing.

Real-Time Composite

With QTAKE HD you can prepare your VFX shots with ease. Create real-time composites with a variety of blends, blue/green-screen keying or wipe transitions. You can also use any two sources for overlays, live or disk, to check continuity and frame accuracy.

Live Color Correction

Digital cameras usually provide flat, low contrast output. QTAKE HD can perform realtime color grading using industry standard CDL color corrections. In addition you can import and apply 3D Luts, that will be stored separately for each clip.

Touchscreen On-Set Editing

Check the action timing or continuity at lunch or between setups. QTAKE HD features intuitive single-track NLE capable of dual-view trimming to help you visually adjust every cut. Our QTAKE cart also has a full Adobe Creative Cloud Suite loaded and ready rock (i.e.. After Effects, Premiere, PhotoShop, etc).

PDF Reporting

Export shooting reports with thumbnails and metadata to PDF documents. Reports will include every important piece of meta-data associated with media captured to the camera. Filter clip selection by shooting day, scene and other clip properties to isolate and review data quickly.

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