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Pleasure Island Chamber of Commerce
Ford: It Never Gets Old
Fat Reduction and Contouring
Wilmington Dermatology Center 'Liposonix'
eHarmony: Alien Sightings
Bud Light: Cake Surprise
Wilmington Dermatology Center 'Lightsheer Duet'
The Tiny Blackwell Project
Wilmington Dermatology Center

Rendered Communications

Rendered CommunicationsRendered Communications is a pioneering film and video production company specializing in commercial, reality television, and corporate communication productions. From local to international clients, every brand at Rendered Communications receives the same creative passion and attention to detail! We work directly with our clients, their public relations firms, advertising agencies, and corporate marketing departments to realize projects of all sizes. Our team of award winning talented professionals is dedicated to making every commercial, television episode, live-event, or corporate communication spectacular. Our company’s mission is to ensure your ideas, creativity, and budget is aligned to create a media unmatched in production value.

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Albert Hedgepeth III, Owner

Albert HedgepethEmmy award winner Albert Hedgepeth III, founded Rendered Communications and has worked with Discovery Channel, Disney, Speed TV, WB, CW, CBS, DIY, Lionsgate, Warner Brothers, Universal Studios, Fox Searchlight, Capital Films, Columbia Tri-Star, ABC, Vertigo Pictures, Rouge Pictures, Intrepid Pictures, E!, The Golf Channel, HGTV, Zoom Culture and many other production companies. Albert has worked on feature films including: Journey to the Center of the Earth II, The Hunger Games, Gospel Hill, Nailed, Like Dandelion Dust, The Strangers, The Marc Pease Experience, Cabin Fever II and The Secret Life of Bees. Albert has also worked on various television series including: Fatal Attractions, Pinks: All Out, Garage Mahal, Elimidate, 48hrs and Modern Sniper. This work history helped him learn that: "The best approach, is collaborative." Albert studied film production and creative writing at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington, and recently earned his MBA with a focus in marketing.

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Tony Jenzano III, Video Assist Engineer

Tony Jenzano IIITony Jenzano III has been involved in video production for the past 18 years and is proficient in many facets of production including video assist, 24-frame/computer sync playback, video editing and ENG sound. Tony is credited with such feature films as ‘The Hunger Games,’ ‘We’re the Millers,’ ‘A Madea Christmas,’ ‘Tammy’ and ‘Muppets From Space.’ He has also provided services for numerous commercial spots including ESPN, BC&BS, Coco-cola and Johnson & Johnson. A graduate of the University of North Carolina at Wilmington with a B.A. of English/Creative Writing, Tony is committed to both the creative and technical process involved in video production. “I see each project as it’s own entity, with it’s own particular needs. And that is what I strive to meet.”


Commercial Production:

Commercial production is what we love. One of the best ways to maximize your brand image is with motion. Working with business owners, agencies, PR firms, independent producers, and investors is where we thrive. We can take stick drawings on a napkin or professional storyboards and create an excellent commercial. Rendered Communications generates a greater ROI for your brand, bringing in your projects on time and on budget. Click on a thumbnail below to view our Commercial Production Gallery.

Fraxel & Clear+Brilliant
Daniel Defense
LightSheer Duet
Fat Reduction and Contouring
Wilmington Dermatology Center
Pleasure Island Chamber of Commerce
Wilmington Dermatology Center 'Liposonix'
Wilmington Dermatology Center 'Lightsheer Duet'
Wilmington Dermatology Center 'Ulthera'
American Express: Burlap Sack Guy
Bud Light: Cake Surprise
Doritos: Doritos Breath
Wilmington Dermatology Center 'Coolsculpting'
eHarmony: Alien Sightings
Ford: It Never Gets Old
Wilmington Dermatology Center


WebmercialsWebmercials increase sales by combining marketing and technology to advertise your products or services to a connected audience. A valuable way to showcase your products or services, your webmercial can teach customers how to use your products, give a visual tour, examine your services market separation, raise brand awareness, or just say thank you for being a customer. Click on a thumbnail below to view our Webmercials.

Bill Clark Homes
Palm Breezes Penthouse St. John, USVI
Cooke Capitol Expert Team
Cooke Capitol Process
Cooke Capitol Personal Story
Kuzma Advanced Dentistry
Wilmington Design Company 'Santa'
Coastal Carolina Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
The Shuckin' Shack Oyster Bar
Southern Sign Company
Palm Tree Market & Tiki Bar
Paws Place

Corporate Video:

Corporate VideoRendered Communications creates interesting, engaging, educational, and memorable corporate communications. We produce a range of corporate videos varying from 12-month long training videos to 30-second internal messages. Our dedication is to ensure your corporate message and brand equity are escalated. Incorporating world-class editing, 3D-animation, and motion-graphics, Rendered Communications’ delivers the intuitive, progressive, and socially engaging visual experience today's audiences seek.

Bill Clark Homes Trade Show Booth Video
Palm Breezes Penthouse St. John, USVI
Cooke Capital Live

Reality Television:

Reality TelevisionRendered Communications has facilitated the production of a variety of reality television, magazine show, and hard news programming over the years. We pride ourselves on generating incredible content by supplying each project with a dynamic, creative, affordable, and progressive crew. Internally our focus is on generating treatments, character development pieces, and maintaining relationships with network executives. We know the networks are waiting for that next big secret idea, so call us or send us an email to discuss your next big show idea.

RU Faster Than a Redneck Elimidate Fatal Attractions Garage Mahal Maury
PBS Frontline Pinks All Aout Weapons 101 Top Sniper 48Hours

Design Services:

Design Services
  • Logo Design
  • Website Design
  • Brochure Design
  • Letterhead / Stationary Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Publication Design / Layout
  • Publication Ad Design
  • Billboard / Signage Design
  • CD / DVD Design
  • Motion Graphic Design
  • Animation

Rendered CommunicationsIn the HD world, video assist is the name for a complex system, consisting of monitors, recorders, video transmitters, video printers, color correction consoles, microphones, speakers, hard drives, jump drives, and miles of cable. Video assist is becoming a very important part of production as projects are shot out of continuity to accommodate actor scheduling, weather, and all the other crossroads that arise during principal photography. Rendered Communications offers a variety of equipment and crew options for video assist to meet the needs of any production.

Video assist is more complex now than ever before and directors are leaning on playback as a necessity for smooth principal photography and continuity during post-production. Our operators are editing rough cuts on-location, setting up internet streams for producers at a distance, managing computer databases, setting up complex microwave systems for wireless video feeds over large distances, troubleshooting electronics on set, and bringing it all up the hill.

Make sure your crew is prepared. Save your production money. Avoid continuity errors and reshoots. Call Rendered Communications today to inquire about video assist pricing for your project.

Video Assist Package

PSC Operator Cart

PSC Operator Cart w/2 Raptor HD+ High Def. recorders; 4 channel audio mixer; BlackMagic video routing hub; keyboard, monitor and mouse workstation; dual HD/SD operator’s monitors; Fostex RM-2; Schure Lav. microphone (talk-back system); 800’ HD-SDI video cable and misc. video connectors. *Additonal HD recorder for multi-camera @ $250/day

Dir./Client cart

Modified hand cart w/(2) 17” Panasonic 1710 HD/SD LCD monitors on adjustable brackets; speaker; Microphone & pre-amp for talk-back: 100’ HD-SDI Video/Audio/Power cable loom; power distribution system. *$450/day; $1350/wk

Dir./Client cart

Modified Rubbermaid cart w/(2) 20.5” FSI 2140 HD/SD LCD monitors on adjustable brackets; Speakeasy speaker; Microphone & pre-amp for talk-back: 100’ HD-SDI Video/Audio/Power cable loom; power distribution system. *$550/day; $1650/wk

Dir./Client cart

Modified Rubbermaid cart w/(2) 24.5” FSI CM250 OLED multi-format reference monitors on adjustable brackets; Galaxy Nanospot speaker; Microphone & pre-amp for talk-back; 75’ HD-SDI Video/Audio/Power cable loom; power distribution system. *$750/day; $2250/wk

*Each package is configured to suit the specific needs of production. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Video Assist Package (prorated weeks will be based on 3 day/week):

Op. Cart w/ 2 Panasonic 17” Monitor cart *$3600/wk

Op. Cart w/ 2 FSI 20.5” Monitor cart *$3900/wk

Op. Cart w/ 2 FSI 24.5” Monitor cart *$4500/wk

*Each package is configured to suit the specific needs of production. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


Pix240 Portable HD recorder/"clamshell"
$250/day, $750/wk

Simple VFX (50/50 mix, green-screen, image flip, etc…) $100/day, $300/wk

10’x8’ Travel Trailer
$150/day, $450/wk

FSI 20.5” Multi-format LCD monitor w/ 5/8” bracket (for c-stand, etc.)
$175/day; $525/wk

AJA 1X6 HD-SDI Video DA’s (2x)
$50/day, $150/wk

AJA HD-SD Downconverter (2x)
$65/day, $195/wk

BlackMagic Design HDMI-SDI converter (2x)
$65/day, $195/wk

Paralinx Arrow HD Transmitter (2x)
$125/day, $375/wk (w/IKAN 8” handheld monitor: $200/day, $600/wk)

Ikan 8” Multi-format Hand-held monitor (c-stand mountable) (2x)
$75/day, $225/wk

Sony UP-25MD color video printer (2x)
$100/day; $300/wk-Paper@$25/pk.(50 prints)

Sony HD-700 HDV (SD) portable recorder
$50/day; $150/wk

Sony UP-25MD color video printer (2x)
$100/day; $300/wk-Paper@$25/pk.(50 prints)

The Sandboxes we’ve played in:

Pfizer E Network Universal Studios Fox Searchlight Pictures Wilmington Dermatology Warner Brothers Studios CBS Network
Speed Channel DIY Network Disney Discovery Animal Planet HGTV ABC Network
Lionsgate Films The CW Network The Golf Channel Columbia Tristar Pictures Military Channel Intrepid Pictures BCII
Inspire Productions Oxford Scientific Films Wilmington Design Company The History Channel Lighthouse Films Assignment Desk Cooke Capital
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